About Me

Hi! I’m Charaf. Software engineer & content creator.

I’m passionate about coding and content creation.

In 2016 I started creating websites as a hobby using HTML & CSS & WordPress. Fast forward and now I’m building real-world websites & apps that people from around the globe use.

Having worked with multiple businesses and pursuing my software engineering degree I learned how to learn fast, website optimization, web security, software architecture, Model View View Model architecture (MVVM) & MVC, data structures, software development lifecycle, design patterns, web design, user interfaces, and more.

I’ve worked with multiple languages & technologies: PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Android SDK, Flutter, Git, MySQL, SQLite, Firebase, Linux, and Apache. I’m continuously learning new technologies and trying to integrate them into my coding toolbox.

what I’m working on right now


Web Development


Android Development


Getting my Software Engineering Degree