I have a problem with myself sometimes, and it’s related to problems and problem-solving. Whenever I’m in just living life I sometimes find things to complain about or things that I don’t like. But as soon as I sit down to come up with ideas that I can possibly fix or at least improve with tech (especially software) I always feel like all the good ideas have been already figured out.

You can look at the tech world around you and see how many new big inventions and revolutions that have happened in the past 30 years. From the iPhone to Uber to Netflix to Social media, Food delivery…etc. It just feels like every good idea has been already found and acted on. We missed the gold train.

On the other side, just washing the dishes is a hassle, add to it washing clothes, cooking, waiting for deliveries, cleaning the house, having a good night sleep, massages are too expensive, tired of upgrading your phone every few years…etc.

All these problems and many many many more are still haunting us. Yes we have dishwashers now, but they’re nowhere near efficient! you still have to clean them a little bit and then put them correctly. There’s still a big room to improve, people often try copying what people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and expect to become like them. There’s nothing wrong with “older” technologies, but it’s time to improve them with new technologies to open new opportunities.

As an arbitrary example, we can make sinks that cleans the dishes automatically. We can make robots that can cook with any ingredient we provide it with, and it gets all the recipes from the internet. We can improve the drones so that we can have hundreds flying above us delivering all kinds of shipments from food to groceries to amazon products.

We can make different cheap house cleaning robots, one’s for the glass, one’s for the floor (there’s already one I believe)..etc. Develop an AI that understands YOUR sleeping cycle and how you should sleep and for how long to optimize your sleep (current apps are very generalized and not quite accurate). Massage robots would be great, especially to people who train frequently. And finally, my dream, a cloud phone. A cloud phone would be just a screen, and all the processing and storage being dealt with in the cloud. It would be the most powerful phone you can ever have if we successfully implement in (in theory of course).

It’s good to remember that we will never be perfect. We will always have a room to improve and push forward as humans. No matter which period of time you were born in, you can always contribute to make the world a better place.