I spent quite some time working on the design of the college route.

I spent an entire day researching the right color for the brand and audience.

Before I did that however I just made a horrible logo using Canva as you shall see:

The  First Logo:

So the veryyyy first logo was made June 28th the exact same day I got the idea for the website and purchased the domain name.

I made it in about 10 minutes in Canva and it looked horrible as you can see:

I knew I wanted to change it but I just used for about a week on my social media accounts as a profile picture and even on the header of the website because I wanted to start so quickly and deliver the product (the blog) to the market as soon as possible and as best as possible.

The Logo & Design Changes:

When I was almost done writing the majority of the initial 12 posts I started working on the brand design side.

Before I get into the logo itself I want to talk about why it’s “the college route” and not “The College Route”.

I personally feel like when letters are all under case they feel more friendly somehow. It’s just an artistic choice that looks great in design but not the best in SEO titles to grab attention for example. But it’s just something unique about the brand! Now let’s talk about the logo.

First thing I did was to come up with the perfect color pallet. Which ended up the following:

I ended up not using the Nickel color by the way!

The blue jeans color looked really good and it gives the impression of safety and authenticity. It also looks very modern and young in my opinion.

I ended up working on the logo using photoshop and ended up with the following design:

I used the previous design for about a month but I felt something wasn’t right. The internet is a magical place and I connected with a professional graphic designer (or something related to that) called Eric Sin who suggested that I remove the border. I didn’t like it at first so I just used the following:

I then went back to his suggestion and found it much better when done right. I made the letters thicker, and just made the text more visible overall and here’s the final result (as of Sep 2020):