In this series I will highlight the process of building “the college route”, my new business.

I would like to share with you the general process (I will go in details when needed).

I will try to share my thinking process and the strategy that I’m going with as well as some things that I learned while building the college route.

This post is kind of like an introduction.

You can visit the website at

How I got the idea and when:

I got the idea on June 28 while in my bedroom at my family’s house in Algeria. I’m here because of the lockdown and I’m unable to go back to my apartment.

I got the idea while browsing my phone and jumped straight away to purchase a domain name (classic).

Weirdly I found the perfect name “the college route” straight away. I did some research (whether it’s used on the socials or not…etc) and purchased the domain name for about 12 dollars from BlueHost.

The idea was me making a website that has all the majors explained in details for other students. I had a structure for the questions that I asked when searching for information about majors.

This was the initial idea, but I ended up changing the entire idea.

I then went on to also create social media accounts for the college route (Instagram, pinterest, twitter, youtube, linkedin page, and even a subreddit).

How I built the website:

I spent a day waiting for BlueHost to allow me to use the cPanel but they just took too much time and I was eager to start working on the website.

I then decided to go with HostGator (same parent company but idk why their service was better).

I got access to Divi builder from my uncle’s wife (thank you) and I started building the waiting page which looked like this:

I then started planning the structure of the website and adding categories accordingly (this took about two days).

After adding a couple of pages I started working on the posts.

For about two weeks or less I spent every day writing a blog post so that I can have them uploaded before the initial launch.

When I was done writing all these posts I spent a lot of time redesigning the website and A LOT of time optimizing it for speed and security.

I had some problems with the SSL certificate as well and had to figure that out.

Social Media before the opening:

Before the website was launched I already had a page that showed that the website was coming soon as well as a field for collecting emails.

I ended up collecting about 20 contacts before the launch just from social media marketing.

I didn’t have much trouble growing an Instagram account as I had experience with that but I’m still struggling with Pinterest and Twitter.

Launch Date:

I launched the college route July 12, 2020.