While quarantine didn’t directly reveal the future, it helped us open our eyes and look around for a second. The world moved so fast that we became blinded to our advancements. Especially the younger generation like me, we have been born in the age of the internet. Everything moved so quickly since the day I was born. We moved from the bulky and slow windows XP world to the small, fast and reliable smartphones word so fast that we didn’t have enough time to appreciate it nor notice it.

Only during this quarantine did I have time to look back and see where did all these technologies come from. I always felt like things like the internet were invented a very long time ago (and I’m sure some people my age feel the same). But I just realized that most of these technological revolutions happened in the past 30-50 years. Yes, the roots of these advancements go wayyy back, but in the last couple of years the rate of development increased so fast that it’s unbelievable when looking back at it.

In this blog post I’m not going to talk about the technological advancements specifically but rather focus on what is here right now. We are already at a spot where people 150 years ago didn’t even have the capacity to think about it being possible. Here’s how much my day got influenced by technology (especially during quarantine):

1 – Socializing

I can’t imagine how we could’ve gone through this quarantine without communication technology! from social media to WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime…etc. Our family got the chance to always stay connected with each other across borders thanks to these technologies. We different family members literally living in different continents.

My situation isn’t the worse. But I always think about people that got stuck in other countries or are living by themselves. Many of these people would have been cutoff completely from their families and friends if it wasn’t for these networks. I can’t imagine how it would’ve been not knowing if other parts of your family are safe or not.

2 – Exercising

At the beginning of these year I made a decision to start eating healthy and exercise in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, due to the corona virus and the pandemic situation I had only went to the gym once, the following day it was closed. But living healthy doesn’t mean shutting down with the gym as well. So I decided to workout in my bedroom almost daily.

At first I was skeptical since I’ve tried before to workout alone at home and it didn’t work out for me (literally). But this time, I went straight to YouTube, I looked up some home workouts and followed along with the fitness trainer doing the video. You can literally (last time using the word promise) have a personal trainer the size of your palms that you can follow and not feel as isolated as it would’ve been if you trained alone.

There are many big YouTube fitness channels and online websites and we sometimes take them for granted. A few years ago, the only source for advice was through either paid professionals or from “the gym bros”. And more often than not, their advice can be misleading or even harmful due to the lack of knowledge.

3 – Learning

The pandemic forced many universities (and schools) to change their plans in a short period of time. Unprepared universities/schools had to cancel semesters while others turned to online education as an alternative. While not all universities are successful at transitioning to online education it’s still a great push for e-learning. Some courses in my opinion were horrible being taught online but the reason was either it needed a lab or the teacher was too old to understand the technology. Either way it’s great that we have an alternative to being physically present in class.

But unis and schools aren’t the only place to learn from. Boredom and excess time led me to some great online free courses about AI, graphics design, cosmology and astronomy, App development, Big data…etc. All sorts of knowledge is out there in the wild for Free. And the good news is that the quality is getting better every day.

Another thing aside from courses is documentaries. There’s a big catalog of documentaries available online that can be entertaining as well. e-learning is getting better and better which is a big win for humanity, because with this rate, quality education is going to be more accessible to unprivileged communities and individuals.

4 – Entertainment

This part doesn’t have to be discussed a lot since everyone knows about it really. From social media to movies and TV shows to online games… you name it. It’s a solution to boredom sometimes and can keep people busy for a long time to relieve some stress.

I don’t think that people would’ve stayed in quarantine this long if it wasn’t for the entertainment industry (thanks to technology again).

5 – Cooking

Tutorials in general have changed how people live and behave drastically while not being discussed a lot in my opinion. Cooking or exercising or any type of tutorial have changed people’s lives in so many ways. But I chose to talk about the ones I’m using so cooking is one of them. During quarantine people were forced to cook more (or for the first time in some cases). I think people would’ve suffered if it wasn’t for tutorials imo.

Cooking tutorials are obviously hugely beneficial to people who have never cooked before. But they can be helpful to people who did cook before. Now with three meals a day (or even one) you can easily run out of new ideas and get bored. But thanks to the chefs online you can bring one to your home simply by following their steps.

Not only are cooking tutorials helpful to find new recipes or try out new things, they’re also great for people looking for healthy yet delicious food.

6 – eBooks

People still to this day resist the power of eBook. I don’t get why but that’s a personal preference of course. eBook readers have a bigger advantage during this quarantine. You can access millions of books by the touch of a finger and a few swipes here and there.

Libraries upon libraries are available online stored in a device the size of your pockets. It also goes to show how fragile paper books can be and flexible online books are. Another advantage is the reviews and recommendations available to decide what and what not to purchase and read.

7 – Delivery

I feel like delivery became so accessible and easy that we also underappreciated it sometimes (or maybe it’s just me). From food to home appliances, you can have them delivered to your house in a couple of hours/days with an internet connection and a device.

This is especially helpful during these times to people that suffer from illnesses that can make the corona virus more dangerous on them. They can minimize the risk simply by ordering online. Delivery turned from a luxury to a necessity on a whim.