Getting Instagram followers is something that many people think and care about nowadays. This leads to either doing nothing and just thinking about it, or having bad decisions (buying followers, scamming…etc). I have been using Instagram since about 2013, and since then there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: an algorithm. Yes, the algorithm changes but it’s always there, and there’s always a way to use it in your benefit.

This doesn’t mean spamming or doing unethical/illegal stuff of course. I’m talking about the healthy practices, like for example I remember in 2015 I had an account that grew to over 10k followers in just one month due to me using videos with hashtags, at that time Instagram’s algorithm pushed videos a lot. That doesn’t work as good right now but there are definitely other ways.

First of all, before you grow an account you need to know your goal first. Is it just for fun? or are you building a brand? or is it your personal account? for me the first account was just for fun and I even abandoned it later on. If you want to build a brand I would suggest that you don’t follow the easy ways of getting followers, but rather focusing on your brand according to your values and getting quality / targeted audience. That will work best for you in most cases.

In case you want to build an Instagram account to turn it into an advertisement business, then I have some tips for you. I have currently two accounts that have well over 10k (50k & 20k). Both accounts talk about tech and iPhone news. A typical Instagram news / photos page. Building followers this way is much easier than a business or a personal brand because they provide more value to Instagram users.

The secret tip to growing an Instagram account fast right now is: using the right username. This is how it worked for me I believe. The usernames of the accounts are things that could be tagged. Let’s say you have an account about dogs, you can make the username and theme even more specific and let’s say call the account @pitbull . I’m sure this username isn’t available, but this is the general idea. If you can think of something that can be tagged in people’s photos then you have a huge advantage.

This will also help in the search bar ranking, if someone types in “pit bull” your account will appear in the top 3 if not the first recommendation. This will drive a lot of traffic to your Instagram account and thus have more followers. But the most important thing is having good content. If you have no content or bad content it will mean nothing. Also your account should cover exactly what your username says, “@pitbull” should have pit bull pictures, and there’s no problem in having a few other dog pictures here and there.

This might change in the future, maybe the algorithm won’t work this way, but the sure thing is that there’s always a way to drive more attraction to your account, but always remember that the content and consistency is the most important of it all. If your account provides no value to anyone then there’s no way for it to grow.