Freshman year

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This year was my first year in college. Although I didn’t spend the second semester at campus due to the pandemic situation, I had my fair share of experience of the university to form some opinions about it. Keep in mind that I would still like to go to uni, but I just experienced some things that bothered me about the university system and hope that they could be fixed someday. 1 – Time management

In the 12th grade of high school, I started planning out things and getting more organized. But, nothing matches the university experience. Everything is so different that nothing feels normal. For example, you would be studying for the first six weeks with zero assignments and homework (my experience), and then all of a sudden there’s 100 things to do in the next two weeks.

It’s like going from level easy to hard in a split of a second. But this is probably the easiest problem to manage since it’s just all about understanding how the university works to be more prepared in the next time 2 – Irrelevant courses

This is the biggest problem that I have with uni so far. I’m a software engineering student, yet I have to take two physics courses, two English courses, and a chemistry course. It’s something that I will never understand why it’s there, I think it has to do with keeping you at uni for as long as possible to pay as much as possible though.

Like what am I gonna do with chemistry in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING!!! what does Stoichiometry have to do with BUILDING SOFTWARE!!! I just didn’t study for chemistry this semester though since we can’t access the lab, so I’ll have to take it another time. I don’t hate chemistry, actually, I like it, but I don’t understand why I’m forced to take an irrelevant class and be forced to pay for it or else not graduate, it’s insane to me. 3 – People

I expected much more from university students, but maybe it’s just my university… This is my experience after all. It’s just like a more open high school, all people care about is getting a break or drinking some Starbucks. I’m not blaming the students here, I love coffee and I don’t enjoy going to classes most of the time, but when I go I try to at least to do something rather than wasting time. I prefer studying at home, or if it’s in uni I like going to classes THAT I LIKE.

This is the problem, most people don’t care about what they’re studying. Either the entire major or as in my case some subjects. The university system is so slow, it couldn’t match the electrons world that we live in…