I hated physics

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In this blog post, I share my personal journey from hating physics to becoming fascinated with the field of astronomy and cosmology. Through my experience with Khan Academy and a newfound curiosity, I realized the importance of truly understanding the details of the universe and how physics plays a crucial role in it. I highlight the beauty of physics in the way it requires a mastery of basics and mathematical concepts to build upon, as well as the exciting research and discoveries that come with it. Despite past mediocre grades in physics, I am now determined to pursue a deeper understanding and potentially make my own contributions to the field. I encourage readers to also explore scientific fields to find out if they too are passionate about them.

In these last few days I became more curious about Astronomy and cosmology. I have always been interested in the universe and space through watching documentaries on National geographic and through YouTube. But I have never thought about diving deeper into it. I always felt amazed by the facts that I read about the universe, how huge our universe is and how much we still don’t know about it.

 All of these facts and ‘fun’ information were amusing to read or watch, but I have never thought about actually diving deeper and actually knowing exactly what’s going on in our universe. Until two weeks ago, I was using Khan academy to prepare for my Calculus exam and stumbled upon this course in their website about Astronomy and Cosmology. I started watching a couple of videos out of curiosity, and I can safely say that I was baffled. It was the first moment in my life that I started looking at the world and myself in a more mature way. In a way where I know that I can actually study these subjects and master it myself. I’m a Software Engineering freshman student, which means I have to take calculus courses and many different math courses, which makes it easier for me to study the math needed for physics. I found out that knowing the facts and what other scientists found out without really understanding the details of it means nothing. You can feel smart as a teenager or even as an adult for knowing a couple of facts like the age of the universe. I fell like this is something that happens to too many different people, and this is what makes a difference between someone who knows something and someone who feels like he knows. We can be fooled by these documentaries, it makes us think that we are smarter than other people by just knowing some information through Tv, but I can assure you the reality is much deeper than that. I by no means think that I know everything by watching a course on a website, all I’m trying to say is that I finally opened my eyes in my opinion to the real world, the world of physics. I never liked physics because of school and the terrible teachers that I had. But I now know how important it is and how exciting the field of physics is. I have been thinking about all of the theories that I’m reading the last couple of days all the time. I’m thinking about diving deeper in this world by myself, no university courses. Except for the math courses that I already have to take for my software engineering degree. I found a great book about physics and I’m planning to study it to really build the basics needed for the higher problems and modern physics. And that’s the beauty of physics, you can’t just jump into it and start making theories out of the blue. You need to master the basics first, add to that the mathematical concepts that you need to understand very well or else you won’t be able to go to the next level. The work and research of physicists is what excites me the most about the field. I still love programming and making apps but at the end of the day it’s just tools and a corporates world in the tech world, but physics is about the universe and everything that happens in it. It’s a very underrated field that deserves much more appreciation than it has right now.   I hope that I can continue in this field even and understand it very well even if it’s 10 years from now. My biggest hope is to do something with the knowledge that I get, there’s no reason in understanding and learning these concepts if I’m not going to use them. So, I wish to see myself discovering something new or proving/disproving a theory or work on my own theory. Despite my physics grades in high school that were moderate and sometimes even bad, I still feel like I have what it takes to grasp it and be good at it. I believe that it was the school system and also myself is the reason for me not enjoying physics and not even try to really understand it. I strongly encourage you to read more about physics as well, or any other scientific fields with the goal of finding the details to find out if you are passionate about them or not.