the college route (WordPress Website)

  • Built a feature rich website using WordPress with security & performance best practices in mind.
  • Optimized & configured the server to achieve optimzal performance.
  • Amassed an audience of over 400 users per month using SEO.
  • Used: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and WordPress

Flight Planning System (Android App)

The flight Planning System is an Android app that helps users find the shortest and cheapest paths from the source to the destination. We naturally went with graphs to represent the different cities. We used a weighted & directed graph to help connect the cities while storing distance & cost on the edge which will be used by Dijkstra’s algorithm to find the shortest and cheapest path. To implement the graph, we used the adjacency list approach using a linked list which we built, and a HashMap from Java’s library. The adjacency list linked lists store the nodes, which store the edges. Lastly, a custom class CityWrapper is used to encapsulate the cities for Dijkstra’s algorithm to calculate the total distance for each city while traversing it. Dijkstra’s algorithm is used using a MinHeap from Java’s library called PriorityQueue.

  • Implemented the data structures to represent flights & cities using Graphs, Linked Lists, and Hash Maps.
  • Implemented Dijkstra’s algorithm using a Min Heap to calculate the shortest & cheapest distances.
  • Managed the team, schedule, and scope of the project.

Used: Java & Android SDK

Gpa calculator (Android app)

A GPA calculator that works by adding the courses’ credits & grades. The app saves the data persistently using Room.

Used: Kotlin, SQLite & Android SDK.

Blood donation database (SQL Script)

Designed and implemented a blood donation database using Oracle databases.

Used: SQL (Oracle Databases).

College Essentials (Flutter App – iOS & ANdroid)

I started off by building the foundation for the app: the homepage and the navigation system. This took about 3 days in total to both implement the back-end, as well as design the front-end. This system was crucial to be developed first for the team to be able to work independently. After that, I worked on the GPA calculator. This took a about a week for different reasons: 1- I was still getting used to Flutter, 2- there were no similar projects built using Flutter that I can get inspired from. Thus, I ended up coding the entire thing from scratch without using any external libraries (other than the default ones, of course). Thenceforth, I went on to create a timer which also took about a week, but then I ended up changing the entire code. I changed the timer to a “Pomodoro Timer” which will be explained later. After finishing the timer, I went on to develop a notes page which required me to also learn the basics of SQL so that the data can be stored in a database rather than relying on the memory. Fortunately, there were similar open-source projects that I looked at to understand the general idea behind a note-taking app.

Used: Dart, SQLite, & Flutter.

Web konnect (WordPress Website)

  • Worked with a team of professionals to set the business plan & product specifications
  • Conducted user research and brainstormed solutions to the issues facing the users.
  • Re-designed the website from scratch while cutting costs.
  • Migrated the website to a new server.
  • Used: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and WordPress.