I got into a conflict with myself recently. I made 99% of my YouTube videos private because I cringe whenever I watch them. But most of the videos are two or three years old anyway and have no relation to the content I want to make from now on. However, I felt guilty for doing that today and decided to bring them back up.

The reason being is that I don’t have a niche and will never have a niche. I’m not in it for the money so it doesn’t even make sense to have a niche. YouTube and all social media are just outlets for me and having random videos and posts up is just how I live life. I try many new things and my channel’s different topics represent how I changed over time.

Even though I cringe when watching any old video, it’s still a good reminder of how people change over time. The YouTube channel (and now my website) are a way for me to document my interests and hobbies throughout the years so I can look back at them and see the progression and value it.

If you’re facing the same question yourself and don’t know the answer yet, my answer to you is: follow your intuition without valuing other people’s opinions. The only reason I wanted to make them private isn’t so I don’t watch them, because they’re still there for me, it was more about other people watching my old cringy content and forming opinions based on that. I don’t care what anyone thinks now and hopefully you do the same and take your decision accordingly.