In this blog post I will share my journey to losing weight and how I did it (and why I got fat in the first place). I’m definitely not an expert in this field nor do I have any experience in it. I’m just sharing what worked for me and how I did it.

Well over a year ago I got a knee injury from a football match which caused me to stop training for some time. I definitely could’ve trained just without using my knees but I used to run a lot in the gym so after the injury I just didn’t feel like going. Fast forward a few months later I started gaining weight by eating unhealthy food while not training. My knees got a bit better so I got back on the field to play try and play again (friendly match) and at that moment only did I realize how unfit and overweight I became.

I took in January of this year to start implementing the healthy habits again and enforce it immediately. I first started by forcing myself to drink water more since I don’t get thirsty usually (I can survive with one cup of water a day). I then abandoned white sugar, bread, fried food and anything that isn’t homemade. This alone, without any exercising, dropped my weight drastically in a matter of weeks.

Right before quarantine started I applied to a gym and went there only ONCE. But I didn’t want the circumstances to affect my decision. So I started working out at home, in my bedroom. I had no equipment, not even a suitable chair nor a mat. But thanks to YouTube and the internet I found many different videos that contain exercises that don’t need any type of equipment. I just used my body weight on the carpet and worked about 5 times a week or more for one hour.

I’m still not at the shape that I’m looking for but I’m definitely way better than I was. My goal isn’t to lose weight fast nor to just look good. Sports and working out is a way of life that makes your entire day different. Sports is more about the discipline and health. Therefore my goal isn’t trying to get fit for the summer, it’s a goal of keeping it as a lifestyle forever if I can.