Marques Brownlee does a great job of showing some new iOS 14 features, it deserves a watch!

iOS 14 is here and as the last two updates, it’s just an upgrade and not a completely new operating system. But, there are a few couple of changes that will change how the UI looks and there’s a couple of interesting additions that were available in android since 2012 but they’re actually here with some extra sauce from apple, I’ll go through some of the additions and state my opinions on them in this post:


This is probably the most visible change in the new update. You could argue that apple should’ve added this a decade ago, but it’s here anyways and it’s here in the apple fashion. The design looks great and the functionalities looks promising.

The added sauce from apple to widgets is something called widgets stacks which is like multiple widgets in the same position and you can just scroll to get to the next widget. It looks awesome and I think I’ll use my widgets this way rather than having multiple widgets in my home screen.

App Library

Finally, we have a way to hide our apps other than having them in a weird folder. Apple is introducing an app library page that you can reach by swiping from the right to left, you’ll find a page that has all of your apps in one place for you.

One thing I don’t like though is that they’re automatically arranged for you, I would rather arrange them myself or at least leave them without arranging them in the first place. Anyways, I will be using this feature to hide the apps that I don’t use very often but still need, or the apple apps that I don’t use but also can’t delete.

Compact UI

We can now finally swipe up a call without having to hang up, the new design makes incoming call appear in a slide at the top without having to take over the entire screen. This is very useful when you don’t want to pick up the phone nor hang up and yet you want to keep using your phone, sometimes you just don’t want to talk to people I guess.

Also now there’s a picture in picture functionality where you can leave the app that you’re watching the video from and still have a smaller version of the video follow you, you can scale it as you want and you can even push it to the side and only listen to audio.

Another update to the UI was the new Siri design, now Siri doesn’t take over the entire screen. The new animation makes Siri appear from the bottom and show result at the top. BUT, you still can’t scroll or do anything when using Siri so it’s still kinda weird. I personally don’t use voice commands that often anyways so I don’t really care about that.



This new updates makes me even more proud to use an Apple product. Apple have always taken user’s privacy seriously and with the new update they’re taking it to the next level. Now there will be a light indicator that shows you whenever an app is using your microphone or camera. This feature is available in most new laptops and I’m surprised that phones didn’t have them until now!

These were the top new features in my opinion, There’s much more minor upgrades coming as well that I didn’t cover in this post because I either don’t care about them or I just have nothing to add or say about the features.

Overall I like the new upgrade, it gives developers new tools to play with and gives users more flexibility and gives them another reason on why you can’t leave the Apple garden. If you want to read about all the other features CLICK HERE to read from the source directly.