I never thought about money deeply in my life till this point, I knew it was valuable and how precious and crucial it is to have a decent amount to live in peace of mind. But I never understood why people dedicate their whole life to collecting money and assuring a better life for their kids who are going to do the same thing to their own children. It just seems like a broken cycle that has no purpose at the end of it but to collect money and have a value in the eyes of culture. I believe that the goals of a person in life should never be related to how well he does financially. Having morally high goals are what keeps our species better than animals. On the other hand, in order to do well in your goals in life, you certainly need financial stability to do so freely.
That’s why I find our generation is very lucky, we can assure financial stability by working smartly from home. Sure, you need to put a lot of work in order to be able to work from home, but it’s certainly worth the value.
I’m surprised that there aren’t many doctors or researchers that are working independently by their own rules. I can see this being a big benefit for scientists or any other field of study in the future. You can basically make sure that you’re having a stable life in terms of the bread, and yet be able to work on what you love most or study and get in-depth.
I started thinking about this when I found out that I have the skill to scale social media accounts and make niche businesses online but I have never monetized it, I was thinking about it which led me to write to try and analyze what I’m thinking. It’s certainly a benefit to make a living online, but one should control himself to never go running after the money and leaving what’s really important: contributing to society.